Raising the Bar Higher Suzuki Burgman Street Econo Run 2024 in Visayas and Mindanao

The Burgman Street, known as the most fuel-efficient 125cc scooter in the Philippines, lived up to its reputation by achieving impressive fuel efficiency ratings of 93.70 kilometers per liter (km/L) and 84.4km/L during the Burgman Street EconoRun held in Mindanao and Visayas on April 20 and 13 respectively.

Fuel-efficiency Challenge in Scenic Locations

The event saw a total of 83 riders and 10 motovloggers compete for the most fuelefficient title on their Suzuki Burgman Street Standard and EX variant scooters. The ride in Visaya was held in Cebu wherein participants travelled from Suzuki AS Fortuna (Mandaue City) SMDI 3S Shop to the picturesque white sand beach of San Remigio in Northern Cebu.

Meanwhile, our Mindanao contenders took on the routefrom Davao City at Shell Bago Gallera to the stunning Magnaga Waters Beach Resort in Davao de Oro. The roads were a combination of flat, twisties, uphill and downhill with a good mix of traffic making it suitable for a fuel-economy challenge.

Impressive Results across Categories

The competition showcased the Burgman Street’s fuel-saving capabilities. In Cebu, Jivy Casona topped the Burgman Street EX category with an impressive 84.4 km/L, followed by Junejeet Aguanta with 76.47 km/L and Brian Villacampo with 75.63 km/L.

For the Burgman Street Standard category, Dario Villacorta Jr. secured first place with 80.34 km/L, followed by Resty Florence at 79.49 km/L and Jimmy Villaver at 73.23 km/L with group average of 70.92 km/L. The motovloggers also displayed remarkable fuel efficiency in their Burgman Street Standard units even achieving the same fuel-economy rating of the Burgman Street EX with Boy Perstaym reigning supreme with 84.4 km/L followed by Miss PINAYpay at 78.69 km/L, InangMoto at 72.09 km/L and MC Kwyn at 69.06 km/L. It was Miss PINAYpay and MC Kwyn’s first time to ride a Burgman Street and they were both impressed by the performance of the motorcycle especially the fuel consumption and comfort.

The challenge went on to Davao City which actually surpassed the results achieving outstanding fuel-economy of as high as 93.7 km/L in the Burgman Standard Category. This was followed by the second and third placers Felix Reambonanza Jr. with 82.23 km/L and Jaffy Quiambao 82.22 km/L fuel-economy rating, respectively. The group average settled at a commendable 68 km/L. The Burgman EX Category also saw impressiveresults, with the top three resulting to 75.13 km/L by Ronald Lenijan, 73.43 km/L John
Bernal and 73.43 km/L by Malik Lipa respectively.

The group average in this category stood at a solid 69 km/L.The media category in Davao City was not also far behind, with the winner Kumander Daot reaching 90.84 km/L, followed by Langga Gail at 82.5km/L, Byahe ni Ken at 78.51 km/L, Frozz Moto at 74.02 km/L, Boy Baldo at 72.1 km/L and Tope Motovlog at 68.08 km/L. All were equally delighted with the results and surprised with how fuel-efficient the Burgman Street is.

Present during the Burgman Street Econo Run were Suzuki Philippines Motorcycle Division’s Marketing Communications Group Head Edelyn Yanilla, Field Marketing Group Head Johnny De Guzman, Safety Riding Section Head Noel Villapando, Field Marketing Supervisors Zhele Acorda and Ramil Mulay, Cebu Sales Supervisor Jul Marie Bermejo and Mindanao Supervisors Patrick Olano and Elijah Valle.

Joining in the Visayas Leg was Suzuki dealer partner SMDI headed by Marketing Head for Cebu Randy Salazar. Luzon riders are already preparing for their turn to see how far the fuel-efficiency of their
Burgman Street can go. Will they be able to raise the bar eve higher? Watch out for the next leg of the Burgman Econo Run 2024 in Luzon this May.

The Suzuki Burgman Street is an affordable motorcycle with maxi scooter styling that has been loved by the Filipinos since its launch in 2020. The bike has proven to have the best fuel-economy among all 125cc scooters in the Philippines with unbeatable riding comfort and convenience.

Available in two (2) variants, the Burgman Street comes in Standard at an SRP of Php 83,400 and EXecutive Class at an SRP of Php 92,400.