Suzuki TROOP Celebrates 4 Years of Brotherhood


Suzuki Thunder Riders Organization of the Philippines (TROOP) marked their 4 years of brotherhood with a cause by jumpstarting their anniversary celebration with AKKAP (Abot-Kamay ng may Kapansanan and Pag-unlad ng mga Pasigueño) CWD (Children with Disability) Division in Pasig City. This was then followed by a banquet in San Mateo Rizal wherein group games, raffle and fun activities were staged. The group also gave recognition to their most outstanding members.


Suzuki TROOP was established in August, 2010 by a small group of individuals with common interest and passion for SUZUKI THUNDER 125. These people shared thoughts, ideas and experiences about riding a motorcycle and their passion for it. They set standards and implemented them which eventually became noticeable by others who share the same passion.


The group moves with one goal and that is to promote safety riding. For them, it is not about speed or road ownership but the experience of riding. With their integrity, the group gained respect over time. Each member understands that TROOP is not just a mere club of riders but a brotherhood that rides with a cause. All is dedicated to do their mission in advocating safety riding with pride.


Over 40 riders with their trusty Suzuki Thunder 125 motorcycles geared up in the morning of August 10 for the day-long celebration. Their first stop was at Brgy. Bambang in Pasig wherein they granted wishes of more than 80 children with disability for rain aids such as umbrella, raincoats and boots via the AKKAPP group.

troop-5 troop-6
TROOP President Art Arambulo and Suzuki Safety Riding Specialist with AKKAPP Officer

troop-8 troop-9
The kids were all smiles as they chose their rain aid from our riders.

Posing with Pasig City Vice Mayor Iyo Carucho Bernardo

All smiles for a very worthwhile morning!

After the morning charity ride, the riders proceeded to their next destination in San Mateo Rizal. Driving along the hi-way to their next stop, the team lined up in a true TROOPer fashion showcasing discipline and responsible riding.


It was a fun afternoon filled with laughter and good camaraderie as the group continued the celebration amidst good food and lots of prizes.

troop-13 troop-14
The lucky winners of Suzuki Rudy items with Suzuki Advertising and PR Supervisor Edelyn Yanilla and Safety Riding Specialist Sherwin Florendo

The most exceptional members of the year!

troop-16 troop-17
troop-18 troop-19

It was a long and tiring day but those could not be seen on the riders. All participated and when asked if they are “Astig”, they shouted a wild yes and we can only agree.