What is Suzuki Eco Performance?

Suzuki Eco Performance is a cutting edge culmination of Suzuki Engine Technologies, coupled with Suzuki Fuel Injection (FI) System to achieve the best of both worlds – Maximum Power and Optinum Fuel.

S = Suzuki
E = Eco – low fuel consumption
p = Performance – superior acceleration

This is made possible with the expertise of Suzuki engineers by reducing all kinds of mechanical losses, efficient design of components and attention to detail in the manufacturing process.

What is fuel injection?

It is a system controlled by Engine Control Module (ECM) using sensors to monitor engine running conditions and then automatically adjusts air and fuel intake.

Through this technology, the motorcycle will achieve perfect ignition timing, maximum power and optimum fuel efficiency. Since it is highly automated, it is also easy to maintain and does not require frequent adjustment.

suzuki eco performance

What are the components of fuel injection technology?

Engine Control Module (ECM)

The onboard computer or brain of the Fuel
injected motorcycle that automatically adjusts air and fuel intake for optimal
engine operation


It serve as the nerves or signals to the ECM on how much fuel and air it will produce

Fuel Injector

The nozzle where the highly atomized fuel passes. The volume of
fuel flow is highly dependent on the signals sent by the sensor and the ECM

Why choose Suzuki Fuel Injection?


The signals from sensors installed on the engine and chassis are processed real-time by the ENGINE CONTROL MODULE (ECM) that provides the right amount of fuel for the specific riding condition resulting to an improved fuel consumption and optimized power.


It is equipped with an easily adaptable engine which prevents motorcycle from choking. Its ever reliable FI engine also provides quick response for a favorable riding experience.


Suzuki Fi has a simple tool called Dealer Mode Switch used to easily diagnose the problem of the motorcycle. It is easy to repair since all adjustments are done thru its sensors and does not require frequent adjustments since the Fi System automatically does the job.


Since it is highly automated, it also has the capacity to regulate gas emissions and further emit less pollution.