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Spare Parts


Worn tire treads may not be able to channel away water on the road surface which may cause tire slip.

Cooling Fan Filter

A clogged fan filter reduces the cooling air flow and will result the drive belt overheating and shorten the belt life.

Engine Oil

Deteriorated engine oil causes an increase in fuel consumption, engine noise and engine malfunction in worst case the engine could sieze. Operating the motorcycle with too little or too much oil can damage the engine.

Drive Belt

A worn drive belt reduces performance and increases fuel consumption. Also, worn or damaged belt may lead to belt breakage. If any of the following condition is fount replace the drive belt with a new one.

• grease or oil sticking
• any crack or other damage on the surface
• worn belt become less than specified width


An underperforming battery will cause problems such as stalling or the engine could fail to start all together.

Brake Fluid

Degraded brake fluid easily boils and creates air bubbles which may cause brakes to underperform.

Brake Pad

Worn brake pads cause poor braking performance and may result in damage to the brake disc. Failure to inspect and maintain the break pads and replace them when recommended can increase your chance of having an accident.

Brake Shoe

Worn brake shoes can damage the brake drum, affect braking distance and increase the chances of having an accident. Always inspect, maintain and replace brake shoes as recommended.

Spark Plug

Plug deterioration causes engine malfunction, poor mileage and an increase in harmful substances in exhaust fumes.

Air Cleaner Element

Clogged air cleaner element (Air Filter) may cause insufficient air intake which will result in an increase in fuel consumption and could cause engine malfunction.

Oil Filter

A dirty oil filter cannot remove contaminants from engine oil effectively which may damage the engine.