Suzuki Motors

Suzuki Safety Riding Authority

What Defines Us

Suzuki is known to be a strong advocate of Road Safety; in fact, Suzuki Philippines has already set a global record-breaking event to underscore this commitment.

To date it is the Guinness World Records holder for the Largest road safety lesson (set in 2017). Suzuki Safety Riding Authority (SSRA)’s expertise is backed by training from its home office in Suzuki Motor Corporation (SMC) Japan and mixing it with the principles gathered from its partnership with the Land Transportation Office (LTO).

suzuki safety riding authority philippines

Our Commitment

SSRA is committed to promote Road Safety through educating new and existing riders as well as the public about proper, safe and responsible motorcycle riding.

SSRA aims to showcase the benefits of motorcycles while achieving a community of disciplined motorists to further uplift the Filipino’s way of life.

Over the years, Suzuki Philippines is consistently conducting efforts to spread awareness on Road Safety by doing Safety Riding Seminars, Learn to Ride Programs and Test Ride Activities.