Suzuki Service Campaign

Suzuki considers customer safety as top priority. Service Campaigns are issued to ensure that your Suzuki motorcycle performs at the highest quality and within the safety standards.

Motorcycle Maintenance

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Suzuki Service Workshop

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Is my motorcycle covered by an active Suzuki service campaign?

Fill-up the below details to check if your motorcycle is currently covered by an active service campaign.


Note: Please do not include space, or characters such as underscores (_), dashes (-), asterisk (*), etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Suzuki Dealers

We encourage you to make use of our user-friendly “Find a Dealer” page on our website. This tool is designed to help you find the nearest Suzuki dealership based on your location.

Once you’re on the page, enter your current location or where you’re looking to find a dealership. You can use your city or town. Click on the search button and browse through the list of dealerships presented to you. You’ll find information such as addresses, contact numbers, and sometimes additional details like operating hours.

Parts and Services

Yes, you can! We take pride in offering Genuine Parts exclusively through our Authorized Suzuki Dealers. This ensures you receive authentic components designed for optimal performance and durability. Rest assured, your Suzuki motorcycle will be in the best hands, maintaining its quality and reliability.

Verifying the authenticity of your Suzuki products is easy. Make sure to look for the unmistakable packaging of Suzuki Genuine Parts, complete with a barcode. This distinctive feature guarantees that you are getting the right components, ensuring your Suzuki motorcycle’s performance, safety, and longevity.

Rest assured that every Suzuki motorcycle purchase includes an owner’s manual. Additionally, you’ll receive a Warranty Registration Card (WRC) and a Free Service Coupon (FSC), both part of a comprehensive package to enhance your ownership experience. These resources provide valuable insights and guidance for maintaining and enjoying your Suzuki motorcycle.

If you’ve lost your key, you don’t have to worry! Simply visit any Authorized Suzuki Dealership to purchase a key set, which includes the ignition and seat lock with keys. Our dealers will assist you in quickly getting back on the road with minimal hassle.

Safety Recalls

Safety recalls involve the enhancement or upgrade of existing parts in Suzuki units to ensure improved functionality, safety, and durability. These proactive measures underscore our commitment to your well-being and the optimal performance of your Suzuki motorcycle. You can check if your Motorcycle is part of a Recall Campaign by filling up the Service Campaign form above.

If your Suzuki motorcycle is part of a recall, it’s recommended to visit the dealership you got the unit from or dealerships that still sell your model. There, you can inquire about the schedule for parts replacement or adjustment. Your dealer will guide you through the process, ensuring your motorcycle meets the highest safety and performance standards.

Following the recall, anticipate an enhanced experience with improved functionality, safety, and durability for your Suzuki unit. Our commitment to quality ensures that your motorcycle’s performance remains at its peak, reflecting our dedication to your satisfaction and safety.


For any warranty concerns, it’s recommended to reach out to your Suzuki Dealer, staffed with Suzuki Authorized Mechanics. They are equipped to provide the necessary assistance and guidance, ensuring your warranty issues are promptly addressed and resolved to your satisfaction.

To safeguard your warranty, ensure that periodic service is exclusively carried out by an Authorized Dealer with Suzuki Authorized Mechanics. This guarantees the correct execution of preventive maintenance services. Failure to comply could result in improper servicing, potentially causing performance issues or unit damage, which may not be covered by warranty.

To ensure your Suzuki unit’s longevity and performance, opting for genuine Suzuki parts and accessories is strongly advised. Using non-genuine alternatives could lead to subpar performance or even unit damage. Please note that non-compliance in this regard may void your warranty coverage. 

Your warranty period and coverage details can be found in your owner’s manual. Additionally, our authorized dealers will discuss these aspects with you before the unit is handed over, ensuring you’re well-informed about the warranty terms associated with your Suzuki motorcycle.