Underbones are semi-automatic motorcycles designed for those looking for a ride for leisure, sport and dual-purpose. They deliver high performance in a compact appearance and provide good fuel-economy perfect for everyday commute or a leisurely ride in the city or even the provinces.

Power and Performance Meet Function and Style

Known for their compact appearance, underbone motorcycles have a step-over frame and often have a gear shifter with a clutch. In the Philippines, Suzuki is the most preferred brand for Underbone with the Smash, Raider R150 and Raider J Crossover because of their fuel-economy, durability and engine performance.

Power and Cutting-Edge Performance

Underbones are light and easy to maneuver, fitting just right for riders looking for economical motorcycles yet delivering optimum power and high performance.

Suits Both Leisure and Sports, For Dual-Purpose Market

Underbone motorcycles are popular choice for riders because of their versatility. Suzuki has got the best model whether for leisurely ride, for speed both on paved and unpaved roads.

Underbone Motorcycle

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Smash Fi

For All

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Smash Carb

For All

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Raider R150 Fi

Pinnacle of Hyper Underbones

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Raider R150 Carb

The Underbone King

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Raider J Crossover

Adventure Across Borders

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Rider Height Compatability

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Raider J Crossover

Dimensions: (L) 1,880MM x (W) 715MM x (H) 1,140MM
Seat Height: 765 MM

Rider Height