Big Bike

Bigger displacement for your big journey! Large motorcycles are perfect for longer rides and trips to the countryside. At Suzuki, we offer you high-performance Big Bikes all made in Japan.

Experience Ultimate Freedom with Suzuki Big Bikes

Big Bikes is a popular choice for those who are looking for big adventures. With larger engines to power up the performance and speed, these models are also allowed on expressways with minimum displacement requirement of 400cc. Suzuki has a full line-up of Big Bikes in the Philippines all to match your hunger to explore from Ultimate Sport, Supersport, Street Sport, Touring, Adventure, Urban Riding to Moto-cross.

Thrill of Spirited Riding With
Speed and Power

Experience the excitement of spirited riding with our impressive range of Big Bikes. With their exceptional capabilities coupled by advanced technologies, these bikes are designed for you to enjoy as if you are just one with your bike.

Taking You to Places and Beyond

There is nothing quite like the feeling of cruising down a highway on a powerful motorcycle. Whether you’re an experienced or casual rider, you can explore the world on a whole new level with reliable bikes that will make you enjoy not only the destination but the ride itself.

Big Bike Motorcycle

We have a variety of Big Bikes for you to choose from. Explore our products to find the best one suited for your needs!

image 7-gsx-8r-png


The New Standard of Sport

image 7GSX-S1000GX-1


The Supreme Sport Crossover

image 7-29


Infinite Potential. Limitless Fun.

image 7-new-scaled-featured-image


The Master of Adventure
Adventure is its Purpose

image 7-new-scaled-featured-image-1


The Master of Adventure
For Wherever Your Journey Takes You

image 7-18


Grand Touring (GT) Riding Pleasure Personified

image 7-16


Beauty of Naked Aggression

image 7-23


The Apex Predator

image 7-24


V-Twin for All Riders

image 7-26

Burgman 400

The Elegant Athlete

image 7-20


The Ultimate Sport

image 7-21


Feel the Edge

image 7-19


Own the Race Track



Own the Racetrack

image 7-28


The Winning Balance

image 7-27


Designed to Win

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Raider J Crossover

Dimensions: (L) 1,880MM x (W) 715MM x (H) 1,140MM
Seat Height: 765 MM

Rider Height