Raider Reigns Supreme: The Suzuki Raider Big Ride Visayas

Suzuki Philippines wrapped up the 3rd and final leg of its 2024 Raider Big Ride series with a resounding success in the Visayas region. The event, held in Silay City, Negros Occidental, saw a remarkable turnout of 784 riders, solidifying the popularity of the Raider R150 and the strong Suzuki camaraderie within the motorcycle community.

The Suzuki Raider Big Ride Visayas further underscored that Suzuki’s Raider community is getting stronger than ever with half of the total attendees coming from club members, while the other half were solo riders who came all the way from Ilo-Ilo, Cebu, Ormoc, and Dumaguete, showcasing the strong regional appeal of the event.


The ride featured a scenic 30-kilometer route that began at the Kansilayan Gym in Silay City and snaked its way to the Bacolod City Government Center before looping back to the starting point with the post-ride program turning into a star-studded celebration.


Suzuki Raider Riders: The Heart and Soul of the Event

The Suzuki Raider Big Ride Visayas was not just about impressive numbers and exciting activities; it was a testament to the dedication and camaraderie that thrives within the Suzuki Raider community. The participation of numerous Raider clubs from across the Visayas region added a sense of unity and fellowship to the event. Their enthusiasm was contagious, creating a welcoming atmosphere for all attendees.

Besides the presence of the Club riders, the attendance of significant number of solo riders who travelled long distances to participate showcased their unwavering passion for the Raider brand and the excitement surrounding the Big Ride. The camaraderie amongst the riders was evident throughout the event. From helping fellow riders on the route to sharing riding tips and experiences during the post-event festivities, the Suzuki Raider riders truly embodied the spirit of a supportive community.

The energetic crowd was further entertained by live performances from Negros’ homegrown talents – the Project Juan Band, the talented Dj Michelle Murphy, and the captivating Ysa Belle. Partying along with the riders are fellow Raider owners and local motovloggers.


Raider Big Ride Visayas with the Heart for Charity

Beyond the ride itself, the event showcased Suzuki’s commitment to social responsibility. The Suzuki Mt. Kanlaon Charity Ride, held in partnership with the local government of La Castellana, exemplified this dedication. Twenty volunteer Raider riders from around Negros Occidental participated in this special 61-kilometer ride from Bacolod City to La Castellana.


The Suzuki Raider Big Ride is a three-leg nationwide event, with the previous rounds taking place in Luzon and Mindanao joined by almost 3000 riders in total. This gathering of riders is Suzuki’s way of showing its gratitude to the multitude of Raider community for their unwavering support that brought its supremacy in the Underbone category for more than two decades already. The success of this event is a testament to the enduring passion for motorcycles and the strong sense of community that binds the Suzuki Raider as the Underbone King.


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