The Ultimate Arrival: Back-to-Back Launch of Suzuki’s Ultimate Motorcycles

The Suzuki Philippines Motorcycle Division has launched two of its much-awaited motorcycles in the Philippines in a back-to-back unveiling aptly called – the Ultimate Arrival. Two of Suzuki’s highly anticipated motorcycles were introduced during the opening day at the Suzuki Hub of the Makina Motoshow, Hall 2 of SMX Convention Center, Pasay City. The very grounds where the city meets summit and class meets adventure – an ultimate launch indeed for the new motorcycle models that will fill the Philippine roads very soon – the Executive Class and the Master of Adventure!

The Burgman Street 125 EX – The Maxi Scooter You Can Afford | EXecutive Class

The Executive has arrived, Suzuki Philippines has launched the Burgman Street 125 EX – Executive Class. An additional variant to the much-loved Burgman Street, the Burgman Street 125 EX has more refined styling exuding rich elegance and boasts of more advanced features in response to what the market wants. Experience first-class riding with maxi looks and features perfect for the executive in you. Ride in luxury, still with the maxi scooter you can afford – the Burgman Street 125 EX!

Powered by the Latest Suzuki’s Reliable Technology

Powered by the new 125cc Fuel-injected Suzuki Eco Performance Alpha engine technology, 4-stroke, single cylinder, air-cooled, SOHC engine, the Burgman Street 125 EX delivers optimum power at maximum fuel efficiency of 52.6km/L.

The Suzuki Eco Performance-Alpha is the brand’s latest engine technology which features the Engine Auto Stop Start system that automatically turns the engine off when idle. This enhancement also includes a Silent Starter System that when started, gives the scooter a smoother and more quiet start.

The Burgman Street 125 EX sports an improved, fully digital instrument panel laid out for better visibility to provide more convenience to the rider. It also gives more comprehensive information through various features such as its Engine Auto Stop-Start Indicator, Eco Drive Indicator, Engine Temperature, Battery Voltage Indicator, Digital Clock, Fuel Gauge, Oil Change Indicator, Dual Trip Meter, Fuel Consumption, and Engine Check indicator.

The Combined Brake System supports well-balanced decceleration by distributing braking force to both the front and rear wheels resulting in a more stable stopping power.

It also has a 2L Lidded front glove box with a USB outlet added for convenience wherever you may go.

Rich Elegant Styling

Suzuki has refined the design of the Burgman Street 125 EX with richer, and more elegant styling in mind.

It now sports a 12-inch tubeless rear tire that delivers superior performance and a smooth ride.

It features the signature, premium and well-built Burgman seat that offers comfort and stability for long rides.

The extremely bright LED headlight, position lamp and tail lamp ensure enhanced visibility especially at night. And a body mounted windscreen helps reduce wind blasts and improves aerodynamics. The upward muffler design enhances the sporty and premium look of the bike.

Safe and Convenient

The Burgman Street 125 EX is engineered to consider the rider’s Safety and Convenience.

It has a Side Stand Safety Switch that prevents the engine from starting when the side stand is engaged. The One Push Central Locking System is a unique, safety switch that gives better security.

It has a large, underseat compartment that can store up to 21.5L of carry-on items. The adjusted wheelbase is now longer, and adds to overall stability when riding. While still sporting the much loved Flexible Foot Position designed for comfortable riding. 

The New Suzuki Burgman Street EX comes in 2 premium colors – Metallic Royal Bronze and Metallic Matte Black and is priced affordably at Php 92,400! Ride the Maxi Scooter You Can Afford for the executive in you – the Burgman Street 125 EX – Executive Class!

V-STROM 1050DE – The Master of Adventure | For Wherever Your Journey Takes You

A proud member of Suzuki’s iconic V-STROM series, the V-STROM 1050DE is built to inspire your spirit of adventure. The V-STROM 1050DE opens new paths to excitement but still gets you to your destination in comfort and style. It is a new offering packed with distinctive features aimed specifically at enhancing its ability to more confidently negotiate gravel and the other unpaved surfaces of country roads, green lanes, and camp trails.

The V-STROM 1050DE’s product concept is “The Master of Adventure – For Wherever Your
Journey Takes You”. It conveys the efforts made to further enhance a bike that has already earned a solid reputation as a highly capable sports adventure tourer that enables riders to freely
escape into the great outdoors and explore to their heart’s content. It conveys the commitment
to satisfy the needs of even more riders who want a tough bike to take them wherever they want
to go, whether that’s long-distance touring or exploring gravel roads and country trails. And it
includes offering a choice in optimisations to better match the rider’s preferences for pursuing
different types of adventure activities.

The V-STROM 1050DE is equipped with current versions of all the performance, utility and advanced electronic features that gave the 2020 V-STROM 1050XT an edge over its competitors. That includes the full complement of advanced electronic control systems that comprise the Suzuki Intelligent Ride System (S.I.R.S).

While having the signature features of the previous V-STROM 1050XT, the latest model also introduces features aimed at improving performance on unpaved surfaces. These include the adoption of a 21-inch front tire with a semi-block pattern. In conjunction, it gains a longer rake and wheelbase to enhance controllability on gravel and flat dirt, a longer suspension stroke to better absorb bumps on rough surfaces, as well as wider handlebars, wider steel footpegs, an aluminium skid plate, and a standard-equipment accessory bar. It also introduces a new Gravel (G) mode to the Suzuki Traction Control System and the ability to switch off rear ABS.

The V-STROM 1050DE is available in 3 colorways, Champion Yellow/Metallic Matt Sword Silver, Pearl Vigor Blue/Pearl Brilliant White and Glass Sparkle Black/Metallic Matt Black and is priced at an SRP of Php 899,000. Go further with the Master of Adventure – the V-STROM 1050DE, For Wherever Your Journey Takes You!

These two models are available in Suzuki 3S Shops and Big Bikes Center nationwide.

The Ultimate Arrival

During the event, the brand also introduced its new president, Mr. Koichiro Hirao. Before coming to the Philippines, Mr. Hirao served as the General Manager for Motorcycle Marketing & Planning Department of Suzuki Motor Corporation Japan. Prior to that, he was the Managing Director of Suzuki Motorcycle India Private Limited (SMIPL) in 2019-2021. He was joined by Managing Director Norminio Mojica, General Manager for Motorcycle Sales and Marketing Division Mr. Jun Bulot, Motorcycles National Sales Manager Mr. Erick Fernandez and Motorcycle Marketing Manager Ms. Nenuka Guba during the launch event.

The brand also introduced its newest anthem, the Suzuki Oras na Para MagMotor jingle, with the message of encouraging people to ride a motorcycle. Through this, Suzuki aims to refresh the brand jingle and align it to the current brand campaign. The melody of the jingle is fun and full of optimism which the Filipinos will surely love.  

About Oras Na Para Magmotor Campaign The tagline bears a clear message in the Filipino language that translates to “now is the best time to ride a motorcycle”. It is a statement and a call to action urging people to ride a motorcycle. The messaging will go deeper than the Oras na Para Magmotor call to the benefits of owning a motorcycle and having Suzuki as a great companion. We not only sell bikes, but companionship and pride for being part of Team Suzuki.

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The All New Suzuki V-STROM 250 SX –- Master of Adventure

Coming from Suzuki’s range of high-performance sport adventure tourer, is the lightweight versatile crossover –- our all new Suzuki V-STROM 250 SX, Master of Adventure.

For over two decades, riders have chosen Suzuki V-STROM motorcycles for their commuting, sport[1]touring, or long-distance adventures. Now, we bring to the Philippines the mid-range V-STROM 250 SX!

Choose your daily adventure. Take on the streets, wander the open roads, and conquer the rough courses with its powerful engine, lightweight design and signature eye-catching looks.

Advanced Technology

At the heart of the V-STROM 250 SX is Suzuki’s Advanced Technology. It is powered by the highly reliable Suzuki Eco Performance, Fuel Injected (SEP FI) 250cc, 4 stroke, single cylinder, 4 valve, Single

Overhead Cam engine that saves fuel yet offers brisk, smooth performance, making it an excellent partner for various kinds of riding. The engine is lightweight, taken from the design of Suzuki’s MotoGP machine resulting in an overall weight reduction– giving it a quick, easy- handling ride characteristic, alongside fuel economy. The SEP Fi engine also features a weight-saving and friction reducing technology to allow for both fuel consumption and excellent power characteristics, resulting in brisk acceleration; even with minimal use of fuel in the process. The V-STROM 250 SX uses the Suzuki Oil Cooling System (SOCS) which warms up the engine quickly and keeps it at the optimum temperature for ideal temperature management. It also consists of few parts for easy maintenance.

It has a Dual Channel Antilock Brake System (ABS) that monitors front and rear wheel speeds individually. This matches stopping power to available traction, providing more confidence and control. It has a large, outer diameter of 310mm, a single front disc brake with axial master cylinder and a 240mm outer diameter, rear disc brake that provides ample braking power.

The V-STROM 250 SX features a Full Digital Inverted Instrument Panel for better visibility that also provides comprehensive ride information. It is equipped with the Suzuki Easy Start System for easy starting of the engine. It also sports a USB Charger outlet for added convenience during your ride.

Sport Touring Design

It features a beak-like design, inspired by the legendary DR-Z racer and DR-BIG off-road models that was brought back and remade specifically for the V-STROM lineage. Its fairing is designed with sport[1]inspired, bold graphics, and textured patterns on both side panels, improving on the V-STROM 250 SX’s overall look and feel.

It is ruggedly compact with a well-rounded chassis that forms the backbone of the V-STROM 250 SX. It brings together a feature set, suited for riding both paved and unpaved roads. The sub -frame also has a new design for added durability to accommodate the carrying of both passenger and gear. The result is a compact and slim design that makes the bike feel stable, provides confidence while handling the V-STROM 250 SX at lower speeds, and allows for ease in parking.

It provides a comfortable riding position that seats high, giving a clear view of the road ahead and better visibility in the city and comfort on long journeys. The Dual Exhaust Muffler has a sporty and tough design with a rugged-looking muffler cap specially tuned to give a satisfying sound to the ears.

It features a stylish, Sporty LED head light, with a unique, high and low beam setup, and highly visible, Rear Combination Lights that provide impressive road presence. It sports a compact, yet highly functional Windscreen that shields well, to help reduce fatigue on long rides.

Safe and Convenient for Your Adventure Ride

The V-STROM 250 SX features a full line-up of safety and convenient features making every ride a breeze. It has Knuckle Covers that reduce the effects of wind, rain and small rocks on the rider’s hands; it keeps them warmer and drier too on long rides for added comfort and less fatigue. The Engine Under Cowling protects from the effect of rocks and dirt to the chassis and adds to the tough, adventure[1]inspired look.

The Large Diameter Front Fork provides a generous 120mm of suspension stroke to absorb bumps and keep the ride smooth. The 7-step adjustable rear suspension can be customized to suit the needs of each ride, whether it be riding alone, with a passenger, or carrying a heavy load. The V-STROM 250 SX is a stable, comfortable ride every time.

It sports a 19-inch front wheel and 17-inch rear Spoke Cast Aluminum Wheels with a semi block style pattern that offer stability and excellent control over various kinds of road surfaces. The V-STROM 250 SX has high ground clearance of 205mm adding confidence while traversing through obstacles– helpful both in the city and on unpaved roads

The bike’s aluminum Grab Bar and Rear Carrier is the perfect feature for riders with passengers, since it gives a solid place to hold on to. The Two-tone Split-seat has a sporty look that also provides comfort to both the rider and the passenger. Its Rear Carrier has a 6kg carrying capacity that has four convenient hooks to secure extra baggage.

The V-STROM 250 SX comes in two awe-inspiring colors – Champion Yellow and Glass Sparkle Blackand is priced at Php 229,000. Ride the Master of Adventure – the V-STROM 250 SX! Available in January 2023, but Suzuki Philippines is accepting online reservation through the QR code.

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