Suzuki Technology

Suzuki is a world-renowned manufacturer and distributor of high-performance motorbikes. We continue to develop new technologies for the benefit of our customers.

How Suzuki’s Technology improves the lives of motorcycle riders

Suzuki Motorcycles Philippines is the local branch of Suzuki Corporation, which has been operating for more than a century. Over those years, we constantly tried to develop new motorcycle technologies that could alleviate the lives of riders worldwide. Rest assured that we will continue to find ways to improve our products further and make better motorcycles.

Suzuki Eco Performace Alpha

Suzuki Eco Performance Alpha (SEP-a) engine technology. The resulting engine features an outstanding level of environmentally responsible performance, both in terms of low fuel consumption and low emissions. At the same time, it achieves the seemingly contradictory feature of excellence dynamic performance, with powerful acceleration and exciting off-the-line response.

Models: Burgman Street 125 EX only

Engine Auto Stop-Start

The new EASS stop-start system, also a first on a Suzuki motorcycle or scooter, automatically shuts down and restarts the engine to reduce the time it idles when stopped. This reduces fuel consumption and emissions, proving highly beneficial when stopping at traffic lights or riding in stop-and-go traffic.

ModelS: All Suzuki MOTORCYCLE

Suzuki Eco Performance

Suzuki Eco Performance (SEP) is a cutting-edge culmination of Suzuki engine technologies, coupled with the Suzuki Fuel Injection (Fi) System to achieve the best of both worlds. SEP provides maximum power and optimum fuel efficiency.

Models: Raider J Crossover, Raider R150 FI, Skydrive sport, Skydrive crossover, Avenis, Burgman Street, Burgman street 125 EX, Gixxer FI, Gixxer 250, Gixxer SF 250, V-Strom 250 SX

Integrated Engine Start and Kill Switch

When activated, it allows a one-push start switch to fire up the engine and performs the essential function of cutting off the engine’s power supply. This is a safety feature and a convenient means to deactivate and reactivate the motorcycle engine swiftly.

ModelS: Burgman Street, Avenis, Burgman Street 125 EX, Skydrive sport, Skydrive  crossover

Eco Drive Indicator

Shows your motorcycle’s most fuel-efficient speed.

Models: Burgman Street 125 EX

Combined Braking System

The Combined Braking System are designed to activate the brakes on both wheels. Combined break reduces the braking distance in a certain condition.

ModelS: Suzuki Burgman Street, Avenis and Burgman Street 125 EX

Side Stand interlock
(Side Stand Switch)

A safety feature of Suzuki whereas once the side stand is in the lowered position the engine will not start until the side stands is disengaged. When riding, once the side stand is accidentally enabled the engine will automatically shut down.

Models: Burgman Street, Avenis and Burgman Street Ex

Brake Lock System

Ensures that tires are securely latched when parked.

Model: avenis

Fuel Injection

Fuel injection is a system for admitting fuel into an internal combustion engine which atomizes the fuel by forcibly pumping it through a small nozzle under high pressure, unlike in a carburetor which relies on suction created by intake air accelerated through a tube to draw the fuel into the airstream.

Models: Raider J Crossover, Raider R150 FI, Skydrive sport, Skydrive crossover, Avenis, Burgman Street, Burgman street 125 EX, Gixxer FI, Gixxer 250, Gixxer SF 250, V-Strom 250 SX

Double Overhead Cam Set-Up

Uses two independent shafts to operate the valves that provides better top end torque and power.

Model: Raider R150 Carb, Raider R150 Fi and GSX S-150

Liquid-Cooled Engine

This achieves greater cooling performance and power consistency in severe engine environments

Models: Raider R150 FI, GSX S-150

Dual Channel ABS System

Monitors the front and rear wheel speeds individually and matches stopping power to available traction to provide more confidence and control. This adds convenience for beginner riders, returning riders and experienced riders alike,  offering more peace of mind on slippery or unpaved roads.

Model: Gixxer 250, Gixxer SF 250 and V-Strom 250 SX

Suzuki Oil Cooling System
with Oil Cooling fan

The Oil-Cooled Engine was made by Suzuki for the first time in the world. This oil cooling system is a technology developed for creating lightweight, easy-maintenance, fast engines. 

Models: Raider R150 carburetor, Gixxer 250, Gixxer SF 250 & V-Strom 250 SX

Suzuki Easy Start System

When starting the engine on a regular motorcycle, the rider must press and hold the starter switch until the engine fires up. With the Suzuki Easy Start System, you only need to turn the key and release it, and the starter stays engaged until the engine starts. This system offers a smoother start to the engine.

Model: Raider R150 Fi, Burgman Street, Burgman Street EX, Avenis, V-Strom 250SX, GIxxer 250

Carburetor Engine

A carburetor engine is a type of engine that mixes air and fuel together before it enters the engine’s combustion chamber. This mixture is essential for generating power. The carburetor regulates the mixture, ensuring the engine runs smoothly. Once the mixture is ignited by a spark plug, it creates the force needed to move the vehicle.

Models: Raider R150 carburetor, Smash Carb