Backbone motorcycles are manual bikes known for their durability, style, performance, fuel-efficiency and affordability. With distinct looks similar to a big bike, backbone motorcycles are often chosen by those who want to have a Big Bike feel with power that is just right for everyday commute.

Mid-Level Motorcycles that Offers Exceptional Value

Having a frame shaped like a spine, the backbone set-up offers optimum handling, stability and maneuverability. Backbones are also preferred by those who want to upgrade from smaller displacement models and are looking for more control. Explore the powerful, aggressive and affordable offerings of Suzuki bacbone models from the V-STROM 250 SX, Gixxer 250, Gixxer SF250 and Gixxer Fi.

Perfect Balance of Power and Versatility

Our backbone motorcycles are perfect for riders who want to achieve the balance of power and versatility. Our models are developed with fairly large engines that deliver uncompromising power calibrated for your adventures whether be it in the city or a long journey.

Hit the Open Roads and Be Spontaneous

Whether you are commuting for work or hitting the open roads for a weekend solo ride, our mid-level motorcycles will provide the performance and reliability you need to enjoy your ride.

Backbone Motorcycle

We have a variety of Backbone motorcycles for you to choose from. Explore our products to find the best one suited for your needs!

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The Master of Adventure

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Gixxer 250

Born of Greatness

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Gixxer SF250

Born of Greatness

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Gixxer Fi

ExXhilarate Your Ride

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Raider J Crossover

Dimensions: (L) 1,880MM x (W) 715MM x (H) 1,140MM
Seat Height: 765 MM

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