One of the most popular motorcycle types in the Philippines, Scooters are considered the easiest to ride because they are automatic models. They are also lightweight and compact and are the perfect road partner for everyday ride. Get yours today from Suzuki’s wide range of Scooter offering!

Ride Easy, Ride Fun with Suzuki Scooters

Scooters are the perfect road companions. Being fuel-efficient, affordable and convenient to use, they can be driven around with much ease. Suzuki Scooters are chosen by many because of these coupled with the overall quality and style. With a wide range of models to choose from such as the affordable Maxi Scooter Burgman Street and the Burgman Street EX, the muscular and sporty Avenis, the trendsetter Skydrive Sport and the versatile Skydrive Crossover, you are sure to find your next easy and fun ride with us!

Enhanced Technology, Refined Style, Comfortable and Fuel-efficient

More and more people are investing in Scooters because of the benefits they offer. These vehicles are extremely affordable as well as fuel-efficient, so they will not eat up much of your savings. With so much options to choose from you can go elegant, sporty or versatile. All are easy to use and highly allowing for a safe and fun ride even on crowded streets.

Switch on, Throttle and Go for a Hassle-free Ride

Our scooters are a suitable choice for riders looking for a fun and easy way to get around town while enjoying the benefits of a stylish, powerful, fuel-efficient, comfortable and safe riding experience. These two-wheelers are perfect for the urban commuter who needs to navigate busy roads every day.

Scooter Motorcycle

We have a variety of Scooter motorcycles for you to choose from. Explore our products to find the best one suited for your needs!


Burgman Street 125 EX

The Maxi Scooter You Can Afford
EXecutive Class

Burgman Street Standard Candy Red

Burgman Street

The Maxi Scooter You Can Afford

image 7


Your Muscular Sporty Scooter

image 7-3

Skydrive Crossover

Go Beyond the Trend


Skydrive Sport

Set the Trend

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Rider Height Compatability

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Raider J Crossover

Dimensions: (L) 1,880MM x (W) 715MM x (H) 1,140MM
Seat Height: 765 MM

Rider Height