Ride your passion with Suzuki’s All New Muscle Scooter – the Avenis

Finally, the long wait is over.

Suzuki Philippines has launched a new scooter to add to its growing lineup of automatic motorcycles – the All New Suzuki Avenis. The Avenis is a muscular sporty scooter that is sure to captivate every riders’ attention with its sporty, aerodynamic design and fuel efficiency that is affordable and suitable for the modern rider’s active and on-the-go lifestyle.

The Avenis is a breakthrough, unconventional sporty bike creating a new category in the market called the Muscular Sporty Scooter. With the current trend in the Philippines of developing one’s passion into a side hustle such as a small business or a means to earn additional income, the Avenis becomes a practical mode of commerce to transport people and commodities. It is the perfect mode of transport for people who would like to do more and achieve more in life, a scooter that is meant for those who want to follow their passion

Adding value to the unique styling and advanced technology present in the product is the Avenis’s affordability and good quality, which are hallmarks for good value for money.

Muscular and Sporty Design

The All New Suzuki Avenis exudes a compelling presence with its muscular and sporty design. It is defined by its sharp and edgy styling which also promote agile and nimble movement. It is decked with a 3D emblem that conveys a premium look with an LED headlight and tail light for better visibility. The muscular headlight has airduct for better aerodynamics while the Sporty Split Type tail light adds up to the aggressive and unique look of the Avenis. It is adorned with an ergonomic and non-slipery Two-tone Seat Cover with a newly designed lightweight grab bar for easy grip.

The muffler cover is lightweight and has excellent heat shielding ability with an edgy end cap design while the meter visor has a three-dimensional shape for a more sporty look.

Powered by Suzuki’s Reliable Technology

Engineered by Suzuki’s signature manufacturing and engineering, the Avenis is equipped with the Japanese giant’s reliable technology. Powered by a 4-stroke, single-cylinder, 125cc fuel-injected Suzuki Eco Performance (SEP) engine giving one the best of both worlds – powerful output at optimum fuel efficiency, it generates 54 Km/L fuel economy (based on World Motorcycle Test Cycle).

It sports a full digital instrument panel which provides comprehensive information of your ride:

  • Eco Drive Indicator showing if the motorcycle is at its most fuel-efficient speed
  • Engine Temperature to make sure your engine does not overheat
  • Digital Clock providing real time information adding convenience to your daily ride
  • Fuel Gauge showing accurate fuel status so you can plan your trips accordingly
  • Change Oil indicator reminding the rider to change the engine oil at the preset kilometer
  • Dual Trip Meter which easily keeps track of the distance between trips
  • Fuel consumption that lets you know the Fuel Efficiency of your ride
  • Battery Voltage indicator for better monitoring of battery life

The Avenis has a 1L Lidded Front Glove Box that can carry 0.5kg load with USB Charger for convenience wherever you go. It also has a Front Disc Brake with Combined Brake System for superior running performance and control.

Safe & Convenient

The All New Suzuki Avenis is designed with the rider’s Safety and Convenience in mind.

It features an External Hinge Type Fuel Cap inspired by aircraft fuel lid which is convenient for refuelling that also deters theft and misplacing of cap while gassing up.

It is equipped with Side Stand Interlock which ensures safety when it is engaged. It also features a Brake Lock System which ensures that the tires are securely latched when parked. The bike’s Integrated Engine Start and Kill Switch allows one push to fire-up the engine and turn it off easily. It also has a One Push Central Locking provides safer locking system.

It boasts of a large 21.8L underseat compartment with a loading capacity of 10kg. while hooks are placed strategically for baggage with 1.5kg capacity for each – all for convenient carrying of your luggage. The ergonomic Large Floorboard with cutaway design provides ease when stepping down the bike.

The All New Suzuki Avenis comes in 3 edgy colors – Metallic Matte Black, Pearl Mirage White and Pearl Blaze Orange. Be bold and achieve more with the Suzuki Avenis for an introductory price of P77,900!
Ride your passion with the Muscular Sporty Scooter – the All New Suzuki Avenis!

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