Suzuki Releases New Updates for the Maxi Scooter Burgman Street

­­­Suzuki Philippines has released new updates on its popular maxi-scooter – the Burgman Street. This premium and well-designed Maxi Scooter that is priced affordably, the Burgman Street was introduced in 2020 and has since captured the hearts of the Filipinos.

The Burgman Street has a new color line for the customers to choose from. The stylish scooter now comes in Matte Bordeaux Red, Pearl Fresh Blue, Matte Black, and Pearl Mirage White combined with black accents for a more defined styling giving the Filipinos a total of four color options. In addition to this, the luxurious ride is made even safer with updated features and is now equipped with a Side Stand Interlock or a side stand switch as well as a Front Fender Reflector. The Side Stand Interlock ensures safety, as the motorcycle will not start when the interlock is engaged. The Front Fender Reflector on the other hand ensures visibility especially when driving at night.

The Burgman Street is powered with a Suzuki Eco Performance 125cc Fuel-injected engine, a 21L underseat compartment, a 2L lidded glove box with an optional USB charger and a wide footboard for a more comfortable and flexible riding position; all packaged in a stylish body that exudes luxury and is priced handsomely at Php 78,900.

The New Normal calls for a smart luxurious ride, Oras na Para MagMotor with the Suzuki Burgman Street!

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