All new Suzuki Avenis Performs During the Long and Fun Ride with Media and MotoVloggers

As things get back to normal, more riders have been heeding the call of the open road to celebrate the post-pandemic days in full force.  Leading the charge is Suzuki Philippines and its loyal customers who have been raring to get back on the road as well, to simply relax and enjoy the scenic routes all over the country.  Just recently, several media and motovlogger friends of Suzuki Philippines had fun rides on the all new Suzuki Avenis, the Japanese company’s latest muscular sporty scooter.  Two groups were able to ride the Avenis and experience its performance, comfort, agility, handling and even fuel economy for the first time on two separate occasions—one headed East, and another South of Manila. Quality time with the Suzuki Avenis Participants took the Suzuki Avenis from city roads to the outskirts of Rizal and Quezon. Travelling from one town to another, they rode through the network of concrete and rough trails typical of Philippine roads. What surprised them were their initial experiences on the Avenis on these long rides. “Pag long rides naman ok na ok siya dahil yung power at comfort nandun yun eh.Yung hindi ka mangangalay lalo na sa suspension side,” explained Joel Joya of

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