Suzuki Answers for an Exciting Future Throughout the World at the Japan Mobility Show 2023

Suzuki’s passion and excitement to create new answers for a better world are shown at the Japan Mobility Show held at Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo Waterfront City, Japan on October 6 to November 5, 2023. Suzuki displayed its extensive line-up of vehicles along with the message of presenting to the customers diverse initiatives toward a carbon neutral future.

The Brightest Booth

The brightest booth with the most fun and warm atmosphere, Suzuki introduced various options for mobility and services that are unique to the brand which stay close to people’s daily lives. Suzuki brings together technologies as a general mobility maker answering the needs of everyone, starting with concept models of automobiles and motorcycles, as well as next-generation mobility and outboard motors alongside introduction of multi-pathway initiatives toward carbon neutrality.

Suzuki’s Two Wheels of the Future

For two-wheels, Suzuki presented concept and test models which can be expected to be introduced for selling worldwide in the coming years. These two-wheels are also base models for research in developing future motorcycle technologies.

Suzuki Burgman e-Scooter

A 125cc equivalent electric scooter (of the Burgman Street EX), the Suzuki Burgman e-Scooter started as a demonstration project from April 2023 utilizing the exchangeable battery sharing service provided by Gachaco. This demonstration project will collect data of motorcycles used as daily transportation such as commuting and shopping and make use of the results it for future development of electric motorcycles.

Suzuki Hydrogen Engine Burgman

Suzuki is conducting research and development of hydrogen engines as one of the multi-pathway initiatives for realizing carbon neutrality. This unit is a cutaway of the test model based on commercially available BURGMAN 400 ABS fitted with a 70MPa hydrogen tank and engine. This also highlights Suzuki’s initiatives for hydrogen powered engines.

Suzuki e-PO

Suzuki introduced the Suzuki e-PO, a foldable electric moped with a 50cc engine co-developed with Panasonic Cycle Technology utilizing battery and powertrain units of e-bikes. It has a stronger assist function than ordinary e-bikes and is able to ride comfortably on automotive roads. The bike has three ride modes: fully electric, assisted, and pedal.

Suzuki e-Choinori

The Suzuki e-Choinori is a 50cc equivalent electric scooter and like the e-PO, is utilizing the battery and powertrain units of Panasonic Cycle Technology e-bikes. It is based on the 50cc scooter “Choinori” introduced in 2003, and is proposed as a mobility form which anyone can use as close distance transportation, with simple and lightweight body and battery.

Also on display are the latest Suzuki motorcycles which are available in the Philippines the V-STROM 250SX (shown beside the equally popular Jimny 3-door model), the Hayabusa and the GSX-8S.

A General Mobility Maker

Suzuki has established itself as a mobility maker creating extensive line-up of vehicles that aids in improving people’s way of life. The brand showcased various automobile units at the show including the eVX, an electronically controlled 4×4 Suzuki SUV; the mini-wagon eWX; the e EVERY CONCEPT which is a mini-commercial BEV van jointly developed with Daihatsu and Toyota; the Spacia Concept and the Spacia Custom Concept as well as the Swift Concept.

Suzuki also introduced the Suzuki Senior Car which is a motorized wheelchair. The brand displayed its Electric Compact Mobility models too – the MOQBA, a next-generation four-leg mobility which can move smoothly with wheels on flat roads, and seamlessly move on steps with legs; the electric personal/multi-use mobility- SUZU-Ride and SUZU-Cargo and the Suzuki GO! for middle senior age target who continue to be active and young-hearted. Suzuki also displayed its LM-A, last mile delivery robot developed with LOMBY Inc.

For Marine, Suzuki Small e-outboard concept, electric outboard motor was presented a compact electric model with Micro Plastic-Collecting Device that is easy to carry around with less maintenance, making it hassle-free and eco-friendly

Another exciting development is Suzuki’s flying car in collaboration with SkyDrive Inc. In the future, Suzuki will start the manufacturing of “flying cars”. A 1/5 size scale model is displayed at the show.

Suzuki’s extensive presence at the Japan Mobility Show 2023 clearly highlights the brand’s passion to create an exciting future for everyone worldwide including the Philippines. This will be evident in the new models that the brand will be introducing to the country in the years to come.

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