Suzuki Pumped Up the Racetrack


Suzuki once again pumped up the circuit racing scene as Inside Racing Magazine staged the final leg of the IR Cup with the Raider J 115 Fi and Nex 115 One Make Races. The final leg determined who emerged as the Champions of the mentioned races.

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Pioneering the presence of Fuel-injection technology in the underbone category of racing in the country, Suzuki staged the Raider J 115 Fi Fun Cup.


Rider Vrei-ar Suba secured the Over-all Champion title even if he finished second on the final leg. He was followed by Makoy Ancheta who finished first on the final leg and Juver Mirasol who won the third spot.


For the Nex 115 Fun Cup’s final leg, Gian Carlo Mauricio won the Champion title with Neil Jan Centene and John Michael Mirasol earning the second and third spots respectively. This performance secured Mauricio the Over-all Champion post with Eane Jaye Sobretodo and Neil Jan Centeno on the 2nd and 3rd place.

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The Suzuki Raider J 115 Fi and Nex 115 Fun Cup final leg winners

Winners of the Suzuki Raider J 115 Fi and Nex 115 One Make Races took home a cash prize, Suzuki apparel and trophy. The IR Cup final Leg was held at the Carmona Racetrack, Cavite.