Suzuki Clubs

To own a Suzuki is like wearing a badge, it also means to belong to a community of riders who ride with pride – the Suzuki Clubs.

We are Team Suzuki and

Behind a flock of Suzuki motorcycles are real people from different walks of life who have been living with their respective ride serving as their companion in doing their everyday activities and in achieving their dreams.
These people ride for various purposes but they are united with the same passion shared only by Suzuki riders. Suzuki riders take pride in their every ride because every journey means being able to help other people including themselves in achieving a better way of life.



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Registered Clubs

Aklan Suzuki Raider R150 Elite
All Star Tarlac
AMS Riders Club
Bagong Barrio Caloocan City
Batangas Raider 150 Club
Brotherhood Motorcycle Club
Bulacan Suzuki Raider R150 Owners
Cabalen Raider150 Club
Club R125 Elite
Club R150
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