Reliable, affordable, dual-purpose! These are your Suzuki Crossover motorcycles!

The Raider J Crossover

Made from Suzuki’s signature manufacturing engineering, designed for the Philippine roads, built for the Filipinos – the Raider J Crossover is born out of the need of a dual-purpose motorcycle in the Philippines. This motorcycle is set to conquer the paved and the unpaved roads whether it may be in the city or the countryside, a ride that will give you adventure across borders. Carrying the same DNA of Suzuki’s renowned Raider breed, this motorcycle holds the same power, performance and the signature head turning looks of a Raider motorcycle, just this time, built for more.

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The Skydrive Crossover

A first of its kind in the Philippine market. The Skydrive Crossover is a scooter designed for the paved and unpaved roads offering a stylish, economical, convenient, sporty, and durable riding companion. It is an automatic dual-purpose bike that is compact and lightweight perfect for beginners and enthusiasts who also seek adventure.

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