Suzuki Raider R150 Clubs Unite For A Cause

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It was just a typical Sunday afternoon for the elders at the nursing home of Bahay Kanlungan ni Maria Domenica in Antipolo City but the Raider R150 Suzuki Clubs decided to make it extra special. Last July 17, 2016 four different Suzuki clubs namely Team Raider R150 East Rizal, Unified FU 150 Club, Raider R150 All Stars Southside Club and Reborn Raider R150 organized a charity ride in partnership with Suzuki Philippines through its SHARE (Suzuki Helps, Aids, and Rebuilds) Program for the benefit of 29 elders residing at Bahay Kanlungan. The members of each club led by their presidents – Mr. Joel Espedido, Sonny Olvido, Gerald Samson and Warren Lacerna unite as one group to conduct the outreach program.

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This initiative is the first in the series of outreach activities of the clubs which kicked-off during the group’s Grand E.B and Unity Ride in Real, Quezon the week prior. The charity ride started at Shell Pugon along Marcos Hi-way in Antipolo City where almost 90 riders from various areas in Metro Manila convened. The ride became more significant as Suzuki President Mr. Hiroshi Suzuki arrived and happily mingled with the motorists before the start of the journey. Mr. Suzuki also personally helped in repacking the donations that include anti-bacterial soap, tissue and toothpaste that were all placed in Suzuki drawstring bags.

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On the way to Bahay Kanlungan, the stretch of Marcos Hi-way was dominated by a parade of astig-looking Raider R150 motorcycles. Upon arrival of the group, the elders of Bahay Kanlungan cheerfully greeted and welcomed them which was truly a touching moment. Aside from the in kind donations, the group was able to accumulate cash sponsorship from riders and donors which were used to feed the elders of a McDonalds meal. The lolos and lolas had a short but intimate conversation with the riders while eating and were able to share their stories on how they ended up at Bahay Kanlungan.

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Each club also performed to entertain the elders and make them feel loved and important even just for a while. Unified FU 150 Club energetically danced the Trumpets while the other clubs did a song number. Mr. Suzuki also did his own rendition of Yesterday Once More to the delight of all. Surprisingly, the elders also prepared a series of song numbers for their guests. Lola Sol, Lola Edith and Lolo Robert sang Pagdating ng Panahon, Kahit Maputi na ang Buhok Ko, I Wanna Hold Your Hand, respectively. In addition, Lolo Gerry, the handicapped elder was assisted by a caregiver and sang songs in medley. After the performances, the riders together with Mr. Suzuki gave each elder the Suzuki drawstring bags. As the group bid goodbye, Lola Edith sang again and expressed her thanks to the Raider R150 clubs and Suzuki Philippines.

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The Raider R150 clubs still have two outreach activities lined up – one for the youth and another for the street children. If you have something to share, a heart to serve and want to be part of SHARE and this kind of Suzuki Club activity, like us on Facebook and join our community at

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