A Strong Start For Suzuki-wheeltek’s Jacq Buncio At The PSBK

Jacq Buncio of the Suzuki-Wheeltek Racing Team had a strong start at the Philippine Superbike (PSBK) races this weekend at Batangas Racing Circuit (BRC) on board the GSX-R1000R. Jacq capped the first leg of the competition with 3 podium wins giving her veteran contenders an unprecedented tough fight during the race.

Jacq competed in 3 events of the PSBK at the first leg of the National Motorcycle Championships 2018 – the Philippine Superbike Nationals Rookie and Novice categories which made her the youngest and the first ever female participant of the race. Her second event was the Philippine Superbikes Cup or better known as the Pirelli Cup Heavyweight A class, which was an advanced move from the Heavyweight B class that she dominated last year.

The beginning of the race saw Jacq getting more and more attuned with her GSX-R1000R and after a few laps; her confidence grew which landed her with 3 podium wins. She got the top and 2nd places for the Philippine Superbike Nationals Rookie and Novice categories respectively while bagging the 3rd spot for the Pirelli Cup Heavyweight A class. Last Sunday’s event was the first competitive race that the young rider joined in with the 6th generation GSXR machine.

Summary of Awards: Philippine Superbikes National Championship
Leg 1
Rookie Category – Champion
Novice Category – 2nd Place
Philippine Superbikes Cup (Pirelli Cup) Heavyweight Category A – 3rd Place

The PSBK Series is a 6-leg race running within the National Motorcycle Championships 2018. Watch out for Suzuki-Wheeltek Racing Team on leg 2 slated on June 2-3 at Batangas Racing Circuit.

Jacq Buncio in action at the first leg of National Motorcycle Championships 2018