Burgman Street Econo Run Mindanao

After the astonishing event of The Suzuki Burgman Econo Run 2024 held in Cebu City last April 13, 2024, The Suzuki Burgman Econo Run 2024 Mindanao concluded in Davao City with a resounding success, showcasing the impressive fuel efficiency of the Suzuki Burgman scooter.

The event saw the participation of 43 riders and 6 motovloggers, the convoy started the challenge at Shell Bago Gallera in Davao City to the beautiful Magnaga Waters Beach Resort in Davao de Oro. It was around 102kms, all putting their riding skills and fuel efficiency techniques to the test. The competition fostered a friendly rivalry while highlighting the capabilities of the Burgman in achieving outstanding fuel economy.

Results are as follows:
Burgman Standard Category
1st Place @ 93.70km/L – Avel Canono
2nd Place @ 82.23 km/L – Felix Reambonanza Jr
3rd Place @ 82.22 km/L – Jaffy Quiambao
Group Average is @ 68km/L

Burgman EX Category
1st Place @ 75.13km/L – Ronald Lenijan 2nd Place @ 73.43km/L – John Bernal 3rd Place @ 73.43km/L – Malik Lipa Group average @ 69km/L
Media Category
1st Place @ 90.84km/L – Kumander Daot
2nd Place @ 82.5km/L – Langga Gail 3rd Place @ 78.51km/L – Byahe ni Ken
4th Place @ 74.02km/L- Frozz Moto
5th Place @ 72.1 km/L – Boy Baldo
6th Place @ 68.08km/L – Tope Motovlog

The winner of the competition emerged as the champion of fuel efficiency, demonstrating remarkable riding techniques and achieving the highest fuel economy among all participants.
This event marks another successful chapter in the Suzuki Burgman Econo Run series, solidifying the Burgman’s reputation as a fuel-efficient and reliable scooter perfect for everyday ride. Watch out for the Luzon leg this May! Oras na Para Mag Motor!

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