Respected and cherished motovloggers Motor ni Juan and Boy Perstaym/BoyP are embarking on a Philippine Loop journey this September and the two have chosen Suzuki Burgman Street (Standard) and Burgman Street EX  (Executive Class) as their official ride respectively. The ride is scheduled to set-off on September 24, 2023 from the province of Bulacan as announced during the Libot Pilipinas Press Conference held in Quezon City recently.

What started as a fun challenge between friends became a memorable journey set to become history as they go around the Philippines on their 125cc Suzuki scooters; Juan Cadiz III aka Motor ni Juan will be using the Suzuki Burgman Street (Standard) and Mcleen Amoguis aka BoyP will be riding the Burgman Street EX (EXecutive Class). These two gentlemen will open the world of the country’s motorcycle touring for more riders by using small displacement bikes. “It is already a given for most riders to do the Philippine Loop on big bikes, through Libot Pilipinas, Juan and I would like to show our fans and the whole riding community that we can travel around the Philippines even on smaller displacement motorcycles. They are easy to maintain, less difficult to find parking and more economical,” BoyP said during the press conference held yesterday at Quezon City. “Completing the Philippine Loop based on the required checkpoints is only one of the objectives, but definitely we will be exploring the beautiful places, checkout the great delicacies and do more adventures on the side. It is like discovering the Philippines over and over and we are excited already,” Juan exclaimed. The two also aim to promote Philippine tourism  through this activity wherein they will traverse no less than 5,400 kms on the varying roads, twisties and highways of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

The two are also set to meet with various content creators in the regions and promised exciting contents for everyone to enjoy. Stay tuned to <insert sns accounts of BoyP and Juan> social media channels to see their experience and how the Burgman Street motorcycles are the perfect riding companion even during long rides! With an SRP of Php 82,400 for the standard Burgman Street and Php 92,400 for the Burgman Street EX (Executive Class), these models have already captured the hearts of many Filipino riders. To find out more about these two products, please click here <insert webpage links>. Oras na Para MagMotor!

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