Suzuki Celebrates its Heritage at RidePH’s MotoHeritage Weekend 2023

Suzuki celebrates its more than a century heritage at RidePH’s Philippine  MotoHeritage Weekend 2023 at Filinvest Tent on September 23-24, 2023. The brand is  among the first Japanese motorcycle manufacturers in the world with more than a century  of rich history.

Suzuki is a 103 year old brand founded in Hamamatsu, Japan as a company manufacturing  weaving machines. The brand started its motorcycle business in the 1950’s with a motorized bicycle aptly called as the Suzuki Power Free 36cc – a 2-cycle auxiliary bicycle  engine. From then on, backed by the Japanese’ commitment for constant improvement, Suzuki created remarkable vehicles including what was considered as the fastest  production bike being compared as a Peregrine Falcon (the Hayabusa), champion bikes  reigning at the MotoGP (GSX-R), motorcycles dominating endurance rides, two wheelers  taking us to and from work and adventure bikes that have brought us to beautiful  destinations. These are motorcycles that have been passed on from generation to  generation and all created very beautiful memories.  

Coming from this heritage, Suzuki is now one of the biggest and trusted automotive brands  in the world, not just in two wheels but also on four wheels and marine engines bringing  its signature manufacturing philosophy of durability and performance that improve people’s  way of life in many ways. With this philosophy, Suzuki continues to develop new products  for the customers.  

In the Philippines, it has a roster of motorcycles that are sure to stir the riders’ cravings  for any purpose. Highlighted at the MotoHeritage Weekend were the – the newly launched  Master of Adventure bikes V-STROM 1050DE, V-STROM 800DE & V-STROM 250 SX, the Maxi scooters Burgman 400 ABS, Burgman Street EX and the Burgman Street, the sports powered  GSX-R1000, the GSX-8S, Gixxer 250 and the Gixxer 250SF with the same DNA as the GSX RR who won the title of the MotoGP multiple times and another champion bike, the Pinnacle of the Hyper Underbones – from the Underbone King family which is celebrating  its 20 years in the Philippines – the Raider R150. 

During the Suzuki segment, the features of Suzuki Power of 800cc bikes – the V-STROM  800DE and the GSX-8S were discussed. Mr. Andy Leuterio of Visor, underscored what he  loves about Suzuki’s newly patented parallel engine technology used in both of the  mentioned big bikes. He was amazed by how it feels as powerful as a V-Twin but was able  to achieve a good fuel-efficiency rating as well. Mr. Jay Taruc, the man of the hour himself  on the other hand, discussed his admiration to the Burgman Street as his everyday  workhorse with its comfort, style and fuel-efficiency. He also owns a classic Suzuki  Tempter 400 which he displayed at the event which got enthusiasts raving about it.  

Suzuki also offered free test ride at the event with its 250cc to higher displacement bikes. The occasion also gathered media and industry friends as well as Suzuki riders from both  the Big Bikes and commuter class segments. 

The event was attended by Suzuki Executives Motorcycle Marketing Division Head for Sales and Marketing Joey Salavarria, Marketing Strategy Manager Nenuka Guba, Marketing Communications Head Edelyn Yanilla and Big Bikes Head Mary Anna Garcia.

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