Suzuki Live: A Celebration Of Victory In Harmony


Suzuki is raising the bar once again as it presents a dealer convention like no other at the luxurious Conrad Manila in celebration of a very successful year in harmony with the very strong relationship that the motorcycle giant has with its partners. More than a get-together, Suzuki brought the event to a whole new level with a concert theme bringing in live entertainment, giving a glimpse of the company’s continuous innovation and presentation of exceptional awards to partner dealers.


As the year passed by, Suzuki Philippines remains true to its commitment to excel and carry on the demands and needs of the motorcycle market by giving its customers the highest quality products, exceptional customer service, economically designed machines, safe, and environment friendly two-wheel vehicles. But all of this will not be possible without the trust and collaboration of its dealers which grows stronger over time. With this, the annual dealer convention is held to recognize the dedication of Suzuki’s partners and celebrate its 31 years of passion and excellence in the Philippines.

A Night of Musical Revelry and Surprises




The event is more than a convention as it presents the whole event in a musical revelry aptly called as the Suzuki Live! – a first in Suzuki history. Suzuki Live! kicked-off with an astounding song number led by the very energetic President of Suzuki Philippines, Mr. Hiroshi Suzuki joined by the General Manager for Motorcycle Division Sales and Marketing Mr. Jun Bulot. Suzuki Philippines Managing Director Mr. Norminio Mojica Director for Manufacturing and Engineering Division Mr. Atsushi Koizumi, General Manager for Production Department Mr. Hiroaki Muto and Assistant Gen. Manager for Production Admin Department Mr. Ruben Tamayo also gamely participated at the opening together with the rest of the team Suzuki Family. Adding to the excitement are astounding presentations of Suzuki’s new motorcycles adorned with musical numbers and play of lights complementing the already exciting designs of the bikes.

Para sa Lahat ng Trip Mo Campaign



Introducing the latest and one of the biggest news of the night is the brand’s campaign for the young generation. Suzuki acknowledges that millennials love to innovate and are always in the zone seeking for new adventures, image and style that will bring out the best in them. With this, Suzuki took the initiative to ride on the exciting journey of the young generation and align its product to their vibrant life. The idea is to attend to the young generation’s various activities and present a perfect motorcycle companion that they can be with anuman ang trip nila o saan man nila trip pumunta thus the campaign title – Para sa Lahat ng Trip Mo. Joining Team Suzuki in this campaign are the hottest young icons of the Filipino youth – Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil.



Along with the brand campaign is the launch of the new fashion colors of Suzuki’s Underbone motorcycles’ Smash and Shooter (released this month) and at the same time a fresh look of the global
Suzuki scooter – Address with a very catchy jingle accompanying the campaign. The Smash now comes in Fashion Colors – Frenetic Magenta and Frenetic Purple while the Shooter Fi, both Spokes and Mags is now packaged in Cool Dazzling Yellow, Frenetic Purple and Matte Black Edition – all fitted para sa lahat ng trip ng mga kabataan.

The Burgman 200 ABS


Suzuki brings a new definition to urban riding by taking the internationally renowned Burgman 200 ABS to the local streets. The Burgman 200 ABS is a global maxi scooter which promised to give every rider’s luxury and convenience in maneuvering inside and outside the city. With its top edge performance powered by a 200cc fuel injection system, engine ABS braking system, huge storage compartment packaged in a very stylish design, one can glide leisurely through the streets of the metro and have a smooth touring experience in the most beautiful places.

The Raider Matte Black Premium Edition and the Gixxer




Also being showcased at the event are the Raider Breed models in their new handsome color – the Matte Black Premium Edition which are available in the Raider J115 Fi and the Underbone King – Raider R150. The very popular Gixxer on the other hand is made more exXhilirating with the new jingle that’s perfect for its riders.

The Suzuki Concept GSX


Even as the brand gets ready to welcome our 100th Anniversary in 2020, Suzuki is already preparing for the next 100 years. Suzuki aims to deliver new surprises and excitement while perfectly matching the ever growing active lifestyle of the Filipinos. Suzuki will continue to expand through innovation and delivering the most advanced technologies. The symbol of this commitment is presented at the event as well the inspiration of the future Suzuki GSX lineage – the Suzuki Concept GSX.

A Night to Remember




The party was made more special with the attendance of the celebrities who bring the motorcycles to life with their special performances. The sexiest woman in the country, Jessy Mendiola, makes a sizzling dance number to the tune of the Gixxer jingle. Proving that Suzuki is fitted for the young generation, young stars Inigo Pascual, Sofia Andres and Loisa Andalio joined the fun of the Para sa Lahat ng Trip Mo Segment. It was indeed a special night to remember because Team Suzuki ensured that everyone from its internal family are in attendance as representatives of each department also welcomed the dealers and media guests. Special guests from Suzuki Motors Corporation Mr. Yohei Shinozaki and Mr. Kohei Yahata flew directly from the brand’s headquarters in Japan to witness the event.