UEMI-Suzuki 3S Shop Grand Opening


On its 11th year as one of Suzuki’s trusted partners, Guanzon Group of Companies through its subsidiary- United Excelsior Marketing Inc. (UEMI) brought it to the next level as it reopens its Suzuki 3S Shop in Taytay, Rizal. The said renovation of the shop aims to enhance its physical look, improve Suzuki’s brand image and address the growing demand for Suzuki Motorcycles in the area.


Suzuki and Guanzon Group of Companies started its partnership in 1975. It was further strengthened through the presence of UEMI, its first multi-brand motorcycle shop in 1998. Since then, the company has been rendering high-quality service on motorcycles and provides the best motorcycle products. The first Suzuki-UEMI 3S Shop was built in Taytay in 2005 which was followed immediately by two more stores located in Roosevelt, Quezon City and Dagupan City, Pangasinan. At present, topping these 3 are 9 Suzuki Moto Centers and 50 multi-brand motorcycle shops all carrying Suzuki products in the country.


Suzuki 3S Shops present a one-stop-shop experience to all customers offering a complete service that provides the customers the true meaning of Suzuki’s Way of Life. The 3S in 3S Shop means Sales, Spare Parts and Service and Suzuki 3S Shops offer the exclusive line-up of Suzuki motorcycles, sales personnel ready to lend a hand, modernized motorcycle repair facilities, genuine spare parts, outstanding after sales support and professional mechanics. The store also boasts of technologically-advanced display modules inspired by its signature Japanese innovation.




The physical elements of the store speak about Suzuki’s sophisticated brand image and advanced technology. The showroom is designed to have a wide open space wherein visitors can watch the working scene of the service shop through glass partitions. Its basic design concept is based on the colours white, blue, silver and black to present a high-class atmosphere.


Suzuki Philippines’ full line-up of motorcycles can be found on the selling floor of the shop including the the global and charming scooter powered by Suzuki Eco-Performance Fuel-injection (SEP FI) technology which basically offers the best of both worlds – optimum performance at low fuel consumption – the Address; the street sports bike that will certainly give you an exhilarating ride with its 155-cc carburetor engine – the Gixxer; and the perfect partner for our business-minded kababayans, the return of the legendary X-4 in a more advanced package – the AX4 (Advanced Suzuki X-4).

The reloaded Underbone King – Raider R150 Reloaded with its blue lens headlight and updated decals will surely grab attention as well as the most affordable Fi-powered underbone motorcycles in the country – the Raider J115 Fi and Shooter 115 Fi. The cool and sporty Smash 115 is also on display and the stunning and powerful scooter – Skydrive 125. And lastly but certainly not the least is the backbone unit GD110 na sa tatag at tibay subok na pang-hanapbuhay.

UEMI and Suzuki prepared exciting promos and various activities for the shop’s re-opening. The UEMI opening ceremonies started in the morning with a motorcade supported by Suzuki Skydrive Society riders followed by fun games, free fishball and ice cream which vistors availed at the shop. After the short activity, the ribbon cutting, blessing of the store, intermission numbers and a formal program followed which was attended by Suzuki Philippines and Guanzon-UEMI executives. More fun and suprises await in the afternoon with free service campaign, karaoke, free gupit for customers who will buy Suzuki products.


The special occasion was attended by Suzuki Philippines, Inc.’s President Mr. Hiroshi Suzuki, Managing Director Norminio Mojica and General Manager for Sales and Marketing for Motorcycle Mr. Jun Bulot. VP and Gen. Manager Guanson Lo, After Sales Manager Jojo Josue, Area head Ms. Emilia Quetua, and Branch Head Ms. Magie Bauzon were also present in this momentous event. Suzuki riders from nearby towns, business partners and media friends also came to celebrate with the two big names in the motoring industry.

Suzuki UEMI 3S Shop is located at Rizal Avenue, San Juan, Taytay Rizal. To find out more about Suzuki, please log on to www.suzuki.com.ph or join the Suzuki community by following us at www.facebook.com/SuzukiMotorcyclesPhilippines.

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