The Raider R150 Summit 2017: A Celebration Of Supremacy


In celebration of the continuous supremacy of the Raider R150 as the undisputed Underbone King, Suzuki will be hosting another big gathering for all its riders at the World Trade Center on February 26, 2017 aptly called as the Raider R150 Summit 2017. With unprecedented sales of 30,785 units in 2016 topping the Underbone 150cc category data of the Motorcycle Development Program Participants Association, Inc. (MDPPA), the Suzuki Raider R150 has once again secured its title as the superior in its class.

Powered by Suzuki’s reliable 150cc carburetor engine with double overhead camshaft (or Twincam), 4-valve, 6-speed transmission, the Raider R150 has already captured the hearts of the Filipinos. The R150’s slim body holds very well its highly powerful engine giving a very light yet authoritative ride. All packaged in its very distinct appearance, the Raider R150 is always the choice of all riders who want to add more to their bikes through customization or modification.

The Raider breed’s dominance can be traced back in 2002 when the Raider R125 was launched. Two years later, the Raider R150 was born and it forever changed the course of the competition in the underbone category. After more than 14 years, the Raider bikes have made their mark in the motorcycle community. Considered as the breed that leads backed up by its promising sales of more than 380,000 units (over 165,000 of it are Raider R150) since its introduction, the Raider has also formed communities of riders and enthusiasts sharing the same passion for riding and loyalty for the brand.

A way of showing its warmest gratitude for this success, the Raider R150 Summit is a day of celebration solely made for all Suzuki riders. A lot of activities and surprises were prepared for the attendees including a Custom-bike Contest wherein the edge of the Raider R150 is highlighted as a carburetor motorcycle perfect to be customized and modified. Best Rider, Biker Babe, Best Couple Rider, Club Awards, Games, Raffle, Free Service, Bike Wash and Trade Show with exclusive promos and discounts can also be expected plus a lot of other surprises with of course the presence of the lovely Suzuki ladies! Two lucky attendees will also be able to take home a brand new Raider R150 at the grand raffle draw.

For pre-registration and contest mechanics, please visit Suzuki Website, Suzuki Official Facebook Fan Page or join the Suzuki Facebook Group Page at or visit