Suzuki 2020: The Perfect Vision Leading Transformative Growth Beyond Borders

As Suzuki marks the global brand’s 100th year and its Philippine subsidiary’s 35th anniversary, the Japanese giant staged a grand celebration with its dealer partners on its biennial Dealer Convention and Awards Night – a gathering of all its dealers in the country to acknowledge their sales performances and showcase what’s new with the brand. The celebration is anchored to the theme- Suzuki 2020: The Perfect Vision – Leading  Transformative Growth Beyond Borders. With the Philippines’ fast growing and ever-evolving motorcycle industry, Suzuki looks forward to 2020 with a positive vision to be a great year focusing more in working closely with its dealers in strengthening its retail sales capitalizing in its line-up (both new and old) of 2-wheel vehicles that customers take pride in owning because of functionality, power delivery, economy and riding pleasure. Suzuki will be showcasing the pride of its numerous milestones in the country through the Modern Filipiniana theme marking Suzuki Philippines in Suzuki’s global map.

The Raider J Crossover Launch

Made from Suzuki’s signature manufacturing engineering, designed for the Philippine roads, built for the Filipinos –  The rough road raider for adventure across borders – The Raider J Crossover

Born out of the need of a dual-purpose motorcycle in the Philippines, this new motorcycle is set to conquer the paved and the unpaved roads whether it may be in the city or the countryside, a ride that will give you adventure across borders. Carrying the DNA of Suzuki’s renowned Raider breed, this motorcycle holds the same power, performance and the signature head turning looks of a Raider motorcycle, just this time, built for more.

Suzuki Motor Corporation worked hand in hand with its subsidiary, Suzuki Philippines, to develop this ride especially made for the Philippine roads. This rough road raider is designed by combing the tough image and edgy components of its breed. It also has a motocross-like frontal appearance with raised fender and 60mm off-road type handlebar for easy riding and comfortable riding position. Its fairings are made and painted by Polypropylene – an excellent resin molded through plastic injection. This ride promises to give every rider a safe and comfortable journey with its comfortable footpeg, narrow and elevated seat, engine heat guard, easy to read instrument panel, petal disc brakes for easy braking, and large diameter front fork for better handling and stability, rear suspension with double cylinder damper, and semi-block tires for better tire performance. With its 113 cc engine displacement, the bike has an average fuel consumption of 65.65 km/l and equipped with Suzuki Eco Performance feature.

This is How We Ride

Suzuki also launched its latest campaign to showcase every rider’s pride of owning a Suzuki and being with Team Suzuki. This is because owning a Suzuki is like wearing a badge – to have the best ride one can have and to be in an identified community of riders who ride with pride. It’s a bold statement that is carried by every Suzuki rider wherever they are. The campaign would like to rally how riders give value to their motorcycle – may it be for work, leisure, hobby, passion, advocacy and etc.

Some ride to get from point A to point B. Some ride just to get away. Some ride for a purpose. Take pride in every ride because… WE ARE TEAM SUZUKI AND THIS HOW WE RIDE.